New Value Assessment Tool for Sales Readiness

By MarTech Outlook | Thursday, January 09, 2020

Krishna Depura, CEO and Co-Founder

A new value assessment tool is enabling users to input their organization's specific sales scenarios, resulting in a tailored sales-readiness business case particular to their organization.

FREMONT, CA: "Enablement and Readiness leaders have been looking for a way to measure their revenue-producing power and for proven solutions to enhance that power," says Gopkiran Rao, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of MindTickle. The leader in Sales Readiness technology, MindTicke, has launched the Readiness Value Assessment tool. This is a self-service, free-to-use tool that helps readiness, enablement, and sales leaders that quantify the value of an integrated strategy to customer-facing readiness for their business.

"But before they can invest in these approaches, they must first educate themselves on measurable best practices from other practitioners and leaders, benchmark themselves against others in their industry and learn from experiences relevant to them. With MindTickle's Readiness Value Assessment, users input their specific challenges, priorities, and sales situations, and receive actionable insights in the form of a business assessment. Working with our value engineering team, they have the option to then further refine this completely free assessment into a customized business case that drives the lifetime value of readiness for their organization," Gopkiran continues.

MindTickle's Readiness Value Assessment is a dynamic, comprehensive, and easy-to-use solution, calculating the potential ROI of deploying MindTickle while offering real-world insights, industry-specific benchmarks, and case studies. Multiple organizations are assessing sales enablement and readiness solutions for its establishment in bringing tangible and measurable ROI to businesses of all sizes and across industries. To determine the accurate programs, technologies, and approaches for their business, revenue leaders are accessing the near and long-term benefits of the programs, resulting in the most impact, optimizing the deployment of their resources accurately. "What we have done is created a dynamic readiness platform to ramp the sales reps and keep them equipped to meet the demands of the customers to the best of their potential," says Krishna Depura, CEO and Co-Founder of MindTickle.  

MindTickle has found its mention in 20 Most Promising Technology Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in the U.S. by Silicon India. MindTickle is a sales enablement solutions provider, offering the industry's most extensive readiness solution for closing the skill and knowledge gaps found in customer-facing teams. Integrating on-demand gamification, online training, coaching, bite-sized mobile updates, and role-play with a data-driven approach, MindTickle expedites time-to-productivity, ensuring continual execution and boosting sales performance. 

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