New Software Updates to Help Home Service Business with Enhanced Customer Experience

By Martech Outlook | Monday, July 22, 2019

In the connected smart world, updated and upgraded home services are reimagining the customer experience, taking CRM to the next level.

FREMONT, CA: An AI-powered chat service, PowerChats, exclusively for the home services industry, adds significant updates to improve convenience and conversion tracking, enhance connection with leads, and increase customer satisfaction. The new updates provide PowerChats customers with outbound texting capability, expansion of CRM tracking integrations, click-to-call buttons to ensure compatibility with all call-tracking providers, and new chat notifications via text message and email.  

In this fast-growing world, connecting with customers becomes critical than ever. Reaching out to them when they want a brand’s service and finding ways to show them the care continuously can only help. Trusted by the leaders in the industry, PowerChat converts more visitors into leads faster. Power Chats’ innovative interface and a wide variety of user options create more positive reviews, more phone calls, more completed chats, and more sales leads at a higher rate than any other tools.

Power Chats’ AI conceptualizations also result in completing chats in less time with more information collected. It outbound texting allows home service business owners to connect immediately with all of their company’s customers. The text and email notifications notify team members when a chat has been initiated and provide them with the option to switch from AI to taking control with live chat.

PowerChats specializes in helping home service companies generate and capture more leads by utilizing a user-friendly interface and precise, efficient messaging. Its clients see a higher chat completion rate and more positive online reviews compared to other chat service clients. By availing more options and improved levels of customization than a typical chat service, PowerChats users experience unmatched satisfaction and results.

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