New Off-Page SEO Tactics To Optimize Search Visibility

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, February 18, 2019

Off-Page SEOBusinesses currently are heading towards data-driven marketing strategies and lure for a deeper understanding of the online platform. SEO being a key component of online advertisement and traffic remains a bit of mystery to marketers as search engines have not disclosed their algorithms. As an outcome, there is no certain set of rules or guidelines to define SEO strategies. Meanwhile, leaving marketers to infer SEO tactics that would result in the best outcomes.

SEO has two types known as On-page SEO and Off-page SEO that define the search visibility of any website. On the one hand, On-page is about using keywords in website content, meta tags, title, and other site components. On the other, Off-page—also known as Inbound links— is about gaining links from various websites to optimize the search visibility in search engines.

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Inbound Links Strength

Web crawlers trust the links embedded by a high authority website and put them on the top of search results. To them, links are ranking signals of trust, authority, and expertise. After several observations it is inferred that inbound links project search engines a respectable image of the webpage, pushing the algorithms to believe the content quality. Enterprises gain these links through organic methods involving strategically built links through-

  • Bloggers
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Public Forums
  • Sponsorships
  • Press Releases

Link Quality

Not just numbers of link drive the Off-page SEO, but the quality of links has an equal role to play. An inbound link must be healthy as well, means the website offering the link must have high authority itself else, it is treated as bad health link which does not have much impact. Businesses luring for online success need to check their link’s health by monitoring the site’s domain authority. While getting links, enterprises must opt for websites with the same or higher domain authority. Otherwise, search visibility can have negative impacts.

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Link Placement

Placing a link in the correct section of the webpage impacts crawlers’ trust. Links positioned in the main body of content and headings have trust ability than the ones posted in comments or feedbacks. Also, links on the home page have more weight than ones placed in deep internal pages. Ultimately, SEO results are outcomes of experiments carried out over time and search engines change their algorithm at regular intervals to avoid black hat SEO. 

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