New Audience Cloud for Connecting Ad Buyers and Sellers

By Martech Outlook | Friday, November 22, 2019

A digital audience platform has created a transparent and efficient programmatic environment that connects ad buyers and sellers.

FREMONT, CA: A full-stack digital audience marketing platform, Kubient has launched the Kubient Audience Cloud. The new platform is an end-to-end open marketplace to connect advertising buyers and sellers for executing and monetizing media campaigns in a transparent, programmatic environment with patent-pending pre-bid ad fraud prevention. The infrastructure of Audience Cloud is used in its entirety. Buyers and sellers can also leverage components to reach their audiences efficiently, increasing Return On Ad spend (ROAs) and inventory yield by creating a clean supply chain path.

Kubient can help in fueling transactions across all digital media channels through OpenRTB protocols. Furthermore, marketers can use Kubient's proprietary marketplace to leverage first-party interest, behavior, device, and location-based data. The new platform is one of the only solutions to have pre-bid fraud protection "baked in" to its marketplace. 

The Audience Cloud key features and functionality also include audience data, ad fraud prevention, direct marketplace PMP, omnichannel, multi-variant targeting and transparency, streamlined integration, and modularity. Kubient's flexible, end-to-end marketplace provides buyers and sellers with the next generation of infrastructure and tools to trade based on their needs and workflow. The company helps the industry to move away from volume-based buying and selling, and towards connecting relevant audiences.

Kubient is a tech organization, aiming to transform digital advertising to audience-based marketing. The company has created a cloud-based transparent, open marketplace for advertisers and publishers to reach, monetize, and connect their audiences. Kubient's programmatic, transparent environment comprises proprietary AI-powered technology that prevents ad fraud in its tracks pre-bid, as opposed to measuring a portion of traffic for fraud or measuring fraud after the fact. Also, Kubient's Audience Cloud puts the consumer at the center of the value chain. Kubient is the solution for publishers and brands that demand transparency and the potential to reach audiences across all channels and ad formats.

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