New Associate Director at Napier to Optimize Growing B2B Agency

By MarTech Outlook | Monday, March 16, 2020

Mike Maynard, Managing Director

A new Associate Director has been appointed to a B2B PR and marketing agency with a focus on taking the company to new heights.  

FREMONT, CA: "I'm delighted to have joined the team at Napier and am looking forward to working with the agency's roster of great clients,' says Clive Over, Associate Director of Napier." This is a fantastic opportunity to join an innovative, growing agency." A pioneering B2B PR and marketing agency, Napier has appointed Clive Over as its Associate Director. Napier can identify what's essential and strip away the irrelevant, helping its clients in achieving their business goals sooner. The company's unique approaches, and continually optimizing campaigns that convert awareness into opportunity more quickly, increases your prospects' momentum through the funnel.

"Clive is a heavyweight marketing director with a fantastic track record in both Europe and the USA," says Mike Maynard, Managing Director of Napier. "His knowledge and experience will be highly valuable to our clients and also to train and develop the Napier team." The newly appointed  Associate Director has more than 20 years' experience in the B2B tech industry, serving in pioneering companies in enterprise software, data storage, data center, and semiconductor markets, before joining Napier. Clive centers on developing and growing the agency while also supporting significant clients, including Semtech, Panasas, and Vicor. He will bring extensive experience in building comprehensive, integrated marketing and communications campaigns, brand strategies, and lead generation programs to the team.     

Napier has found its mention in the TOP 10 HUBSPOT CONSULTING/SERVICES COMPANIES by MarTech Outlook. Napier is a B2B technology PR and marketing agency, using deep market insight to implement and design creative campaigns, driving its clients' commercial success. The agency provides a complete portfolio of PR and marketing services, helping clients in markets like electronics, IT, and industrial technology promote their products and services throughout Europe.

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