Mozilla Wants to Elevate the Digital Advertising Paradigm with its Latest Feature

By Marketing Tech Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Transparency, relevance, and control are the three things that Mozilla stresses on in its approach for digital advertising. The internet software company says it is taking its early steps to refurbish digital advertising by announcing Suggested Tiles.

Suggested Tiles is Mozilla’s latest tool for relevant advertising and content recommendations without violating user’s privacy and allowing the control of the user’s data in the hands of the user itself. The latest advertising feature follows user’s recent and most frequent browsing to offer relevant ads.

Current Situation
Today, if a user chats with a friend regarding Trekking on a mountain, in a few minutes that particular user will be served with advertisements for buying Trekking gear and wear. How does this happen? How do advertisers come to know what the user was discussing about in private conversation with a friend on a digital platform? The answer is today’s arcane privacy policies that facilitate collecting and sharing of data with brands and advertisers. Not every user wants to be served with ads just because they are online.

The Change
With Suggested Tiles, Mozilla attempts to bring an advertising product that respects users’ privacy and facilitates user control of their personal data. Firefox users can edit their own browsing history. For those who don’t want to see ads, they can simply opt out with a couple of clicks. Mozilla has made it clear that it does not retain or share personal data and it doesn’t use cookies either.

Suggested Tiles are controlled by user that means there is a level playing field for both the end user and the advertiser. By capturing what the user has just browsed or frequently browses, relevance is taken to a higher level that results in more business opportunities for an brand and an advertiser.

As a new offering that complements Mozilla’s recent offering, Directory Tiles, the company believes that Suggested Tiles will have even greater success.

Suggested Tiles will soon transition into Beta stage and is expected to be available for public later in the summer, Mozilla says. The features will initially display content from the Mozilla causes and Firefox products to begin with and it subsequently displays ads from content partners. This feature will be first introduced in the U.S.

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