Mobile Native Advertising: A Better Way to Reach Ideal Customers

By Martech Outlook | Monday, August 10, 2020

Mobile native advertising is a mega opportunity for advertisers to drive more ROI and is better suitable for publishers and viewers.

FREMONT, CA: Mobile Native advertising, a fairly new concept in the digital advertising space, has rapidly gained popularity and acceptance from customers across the world, and currently, it is considered as a game-changer that will take advertising to the next level. Mobile native advertising is now among the preferred modes of monetization for all leading brands. All key players is quickly adopting this megatrend. The most interesting part of the story is that even traditional advertisers across all business verticals are bagging the opportunities provided by mobile native advertising,  which means that this ad format is a win-win for all the players. Read on to know more.

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Solution Companies - 2019Mobile native ads offer a bunch of advantages for marketers including, they enable marketers to display the ads with the same style and format as that of organic content, it raises ad view rates and increases user engagement, it allows readers to go through the website’s content and advertisements without any disruption, and offer a higher rate of acceptance and click-through rates as they are less invasive.

Since mobile native ads match with the content of a website, brands should make sure that ads provided by their demand partners are relevant to the page. Placing an irrelevant ad right in between the quality content will bring adverse effects. The format of content varies for different devices including, desktop, mobile, or tablet. So, personalizing the native ads based on the screen sizes can create the best possible user experience. There are technology solutions out in the market, that has the capability to render ads based on the screen size to ensure better native experience. Besides, marketers should also ensure that advertisers’ logos, headlines are visible to the users so that they can differentiate between the organic content and advertisements.

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