Mobile Marketing Trends that Will Dominate in 2021

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, October 15, 2021

As customers turn to their smart devices to connect with their favorite brands, businesses must monitor mobile marketing trends to stay current.

FREMONT, CA: In previous years, digital marketing has become an increasingly significant component of many businesses’ overall marketing strategies. With this digital trend comes a growth in mobile marketing. After all, mobile devices are responsible for half of the world’s web traffic, and that number will continue to grow. As customers increasingly turn to their mobile devices to connect with brands, they must monitor mobile marketing trends to stay competitive. Here are some of the mobile trends that will dominate in 2021.

• App Clips

App clips is becoming far more popular as a user acquisition strategy in mobile marketing. Apple’s app clip feature has come in response to their alterations to IDFA rules, which have mitigated data collection due to the opt-in rather than opt-out setting. In response to this limitation for performing personalized campaigns, app clips will be big in 2021.

• Mobile Ads Automation

As mobile usage has accelerated in recent years, it has accounted for more than 204 billion mobile app downloads. Mobile ads automation has effectively contributed to return on advertising money, cost per impression and action. There used to be a time when ads would have to handle every hour while they were active. Now marketers can scale rapidly with the aid of AI-powered ads automation.

• Mobile-based Content

It is a secure bet that businesses will produce more online videos. The world can expect to see a rise in mobile-based content. This is especially likely because the younger generation is evolving into a significant market, and brands requirement to connect with them in the places where they spend the most time.

• Video Content

The world is going to see marketers push out more video content to please mobile users in 2021. As it stands, videos make up 63 per cent of all mobile traffic. Many speculate that, by 2025, about 75 per cent of all mobile-friendly content will come in the form of videos. Business owners will soon transition to more video content over conventional blog posts to meet this need in 2021.

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