Merkle Launches Innovative Solutions For Bidding at Amazon Ads

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 17, 2019

Merkle, a Maryland based data-driven performance marketing agency, launched an automated bidding solution for Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads. The company uses its API integration with Amazon to enable bid management at scale to calculate and apply bids.

The automated bidding solution allows the marketers to make informed decisions using data, which enables the marketers to capitalize on all the revenue opportunities. It also provides the marketers an opportunity to update their bids forty-eight times in a day. The company uses a client’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to calculate the base bid using Machine Learning techniques. Analytical experts use multiple platforms to enhance strategy and adjust bids for the clients. The clients of this innovative bid technology have seen a sales-per-click increase of eighteen percent with a sixty-two percent decrease in advertising costs.

 Todd Bowman, senior director of Amazon and eRetail at Merkle says, “We’re excited to launch one of the first-to-market automated bidding capabilities for Sponsored Brands across all Amazon advertisers and tech providers.” He further adds that efficiency bidding on the ads does not require building numerous custom processes after the integration. “This integrated approach leverages a cross-functional team of expert analysts across Merkle’s e-retail solutions group, and combined with their data-driven, people-based marketing approach, has allowed Merkle to be at the forefront of the Amazon advertising business while providing clients with a unified advertising strategy,” concludes Todd.

Merkle also provides strategic support for services like Amazon advertising, eRetail media management, custom eRetail KPI insights, and many other services. The data-driven marketing approach of the company has brought it at the forefront of Amazon’s advertising business. For the last three decades, many companies have partnered with Merkle to maximize the value of their customer portfolios.

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