MediaForce Adds New features to its Module

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, July 15, 2020

New features introduced by MediaForce reinforce the unique value propositions.

FREMONT, CA: Gale Force Digital Technologies is a technology solution providing company that has launched two brand new modules to support its effective MediaForce media planning and buying platform, SmartReports and Media Planner. Gale Force Digital Technologies is a well-established comapny rife of innovations. Its collections of new features allow for better usability and workflow. It also includes a SaaS interface that supports remote working. MediaForce looks to attain success and continue revolutionizing the industrial market.

The company's offering has two new features of MediaForce in the drive towards back its value propositions.


SmartReports presents MediaForce users the ability to customize reports from any reportable metric in the system. The user can mark any information pertaining to advertisers, campaigns, time periods, vendors, and more and also achieve a personalized view in MediaForce. 

Media Planner

Media Planner is yet another MediaForce feature that lets users create media plans that outline practical executions, leading to buys. These plans, which have a direct impact on the budget, further foster options for media types and mix, GRP levels, vendors, and other elements, like those of several report layout and flowchart options. This Media Planner feature holds the capability of dynamic media planning. 

Gale Force Digital stays ahead of the market competition by analyzing and focusing on what can maximize the user experience through its offerings such as Media Planner and more. 

Gale Force Digital is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and is known for offering advanced media planning and buying software solutions, digital marketing tools, and other turnkey solutions since 2014. 

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