Matterkind Announces The Release Of Outcome Navigator

Martech Outlook | Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Matterkind, IPG's activation intelligence company prioritizes customer experience and improves business outcomes. They use ethical data and patented applications to deliver addressable activation intelligence through the lens of conscious marketing. Through the trusted partnership, excellence, and expertise, Matterkind strengthens the connection between brands and their audiences.

Fremont, CA: Outcome Navigator, IPG's activation intelligence company, was launched today. Outcome Navigator (ON) combines existing Matterkind capabilities with new, first-to-market solutions, broadening IPGs offerings to marketers with growth objectives. Matterkind’s ON is adaptable to a brand's marketing needs, is available as standalone capabilities, and has already been successfully proven with leading brands such as Carnival Cruise Line and New Balance. In addition, it is backed by data, identity, and technology capabilities from sister IPG companies Acxiom and Kinesso.

Affiliate Outcomes and Commerce Outcomes are among the suite's Addressable Outcomes offerings, while Qualified Lead Generation, Guaranteed Outcomes, and TV Outcomes are among the suite's Pay for Performance offerings. Outcome Navigator is a logical extension of Matterkind's conscious marketing, which respects and intelligently adjusts to people's needs and marketers' goals as a suite of outcome-based marketing solutions that offer commercial results for businesses while respecting people.

“People expect value from their engagements with brands, now more than ever,” stated Erica Schmidt, Global CEO Matterkind, Chief Culture Officer, Kinesso. “The pandemic led to new buying behaviors and tremendous social change. As a result, brands are looking not only to benefit from near-term growth and performance, but also to build and protect long-term brand trust. Marketers must deliver outcomes to the business while still being respectful to people, and ON makes that possible.”

Traditional outcome-based marketing has a drawback: systems only focus on volume rather than value. However, marketers can use Outcome Navigator to focus less on volume and more on the value of better interaction with their audiences while also directly correlating campaign success to important business objectives.

“We needed a fresh look into audiences, ad formats, and platforms to drive site bookings,” stated Ken Tate, Chief Commercial Officer of Carnival Cruise Line. “We came to Matterkind with specific needs for reaching our current and future guests in an effective and relevant way, with a low-risk, high-performance campaign. Matterkind’s Pay for Performance solution has shown extremely successful results thus far, with our media attributed online bookings improving 20 percent from Q3 to Q4 in 2021.”

“Affiliate Marketing has become a true strategic asset within our media mix,” said Ashley Bertschmann, Senior Marketing Manager of North America Media & Consumer Acquisition at New Balance. “Reinforcing New Balance’s position as a premium lifestyle and performance brand, while continuing to bring value to their engagements with us, were important goals. Matterkind was able to make that happen, aligning cross-channel teams, and growing our revenue each year in a brand accretive way.”

Outcome Navigator is designed to handle the complexities of today's convergent marketing funnel, where decisions must be made quickly and based on the client's demands. Regardless of channel, Matterkind believes that marketing spend must be accountable to the company and its audience. ON delivers without risk, ensuring that marketing dollars are well spent, brands are treated with respect, and marketing channels are integrated and maximized.

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