martechoutlook is Making Production Technology Knowledgeable And More Accessible

MarTech Outlook | Monday, September 13, 2021 is spearheading a movement to make production technology and knowledge more accessible to everyone.

FREMONT, CA: is an online marketplace that connects consumers in need of production technology with vendors that can provide it. It's the first platform to organise technologies around the goods they help create, giving creators of all sizes access to the "hidden network" of machines, manufacturers, and tooling suppliers, as well as knowledge previously only available through long-established private networks. collects and democratizes knowledge of processes and specialized systems, explaining the "hows" and "whys" as well as linking the "whos" and "whats," based on the founders' 60-year experience and renowned suppliers from 20 nations across three continents. It connects makers – those interested in investing in technology or a novel process – with specialized companies that are familiar with industrial procedures like extraction, filling, sterilising, separating, and packing, to mention a few. At the time of its debut, had over 300 products listed.

Jorrit Aafjes, the CEO and founder of, commented, “We believe we need to celebrate the makers. The know-how and efforts they put into building and improving the products we use on a daily basis are underestimated. At the same time we have a significant and immediate need, as mankind, to rethink how we make things. People must have access to new technologies that can quickly help shape better products. At, we gather these technologies around the products that they can help make, and invite all makers to contribute with their expertise and experience.”

Manufacturing is a significant emphasis area as the globe re-emerges and searches for answers to jump-start economies and address the climate issue. Industries must reinvent themselves in order to match the need for products that are currently being consumed. overcomes this problem by providing a route for those who wish to rethink manufacturing processes by making production technology more accessible.

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