Lotame and New Frontier Data Bring Valuable CBD Audience Segments to High-Quality Data Exchange

By MarTech Outlook | Monday, October 12, 2020

Andy Monfried, Founder & CEO

The most significant data exchange and the leading legal cannabis and CBD data provider come together to make in-demand CBD audience data there for online ad-targeting.

FREMONT, CA: Lotame is the leading global provider of data enrichment solutions to drive customer insights and turn personas into addressable advertising, announced an exclusive co-branded data partnership with NXTecK, the adtech arm of cannabis data analytics leader New Frontier Data. Under the partnership, Lotame and NXTecK will feature a co-branded CBD audience data segments in Lotame’s Data Exchange (LDX), allowing marketers to engage legal cannabis consumers.

According to New Frontier Data, 73 million Americans are likely to purchase CBD before year’s end in the United States alone. However, identifying this quickly growing category remains a challenge for digital marketers, especially at scale. Through LDX, traditional brands can use NXTecK powered by Lotame segments to identify consumers with a THC and CBD proclivity at scale to enrich traditional food, health, wellness, or other related features.

“CBD is a surging category and, as the proven leader in audience data, Lotame, once again, got out ahead of the market to make these segments widely available to marketers,” says Andy Monfried, CEO and Founder of Lotame. “We’re proud to partner with NXTecK to bring LDX marketers unique, robust and specific insights into this new revenue-making audience.”

On the basis of six years’ worth of research, NXTecK offers the most considerable amount of CBD consumer data available from one provider to date, with above 116 million anonymously identified and modeled the consumers. Additionally, NXTecK is a consumer data provider in the cannabis industry who offers brands deterministic data like products purchased, visit information at the store level, and the consumer migration at the ZIP code level.

“As cannabis and CBD consumption continues to rapidly grow worldwide and more U.S. states ask voters to consider legalization ballot initiatives this November, mainstream brands increasingly want to engage this audience,” says New Frontier Data Founder & CEO Giadha A. DeCarcer. “With NXTecK powered by Lotame, digital marketers can easily access our expansive CBD and legal cannabis audience data to enrich their campaigns and reach new consumers across channels.”

LDX gives instant access to billions of global users across the traditional mobile, web, and CTV devices. Privacy-compliant granular data is collected against these users and packaged into thousands of hashed, curated, targetable audience segments, offering every marketer, agency, publisher, and platform the ability to unlock the full power of addressable advertising.

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