Leveraging Augmented and Virtual Reality in Digital Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

The technology behind augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has been ruling the gaming world for few years. However, AR and VR are all set to penetrate the business world too and disrupt the business procedure by introducing revolutionary features that can enhance productivity and improve customer engagement through effective digital marketing strategies. In addition, the digital marketing world also has been taken by storm with the introduction of AR and VR. Most interestingly, the technology has already been absorbed into inbound as well as outbound marketing tactics. Reports by Digi-Capital predict that the VR industry will rise to $30 billion in terms of revenue. On the other hand, AR is expected to see a rise to $90 billion in the same year in the field of digital media marketing.

VR and AR are making marketing campaigns successful:

VR and AR are still unusual technologies in the market. Therefore, companies can leverage both the technologies to project their business as truly conforming to the modern business outlines. Customers are intrigued by these terms and tend to buy more from the companies using them. Customers are likely to remember companies who utilize these technologies in order to market their products and services because there are not many in the market who are executing these campaigns.

Coca-Cola has developed a VR sleigh, using the Oculus Rift, which customers welcomed heartily because they got to be the virtual Santa Claus for a day. To add to that, McDonald’s has cleverly crafted a meal box, which customers can fold to create a cardboard VR headset. Following this, they would have to download the virtual reality app on their phone and slide the phone into the headset and enjoy the virtual reality world. Big shots such as Google, Samsung, and Facebook have also strategized their marketing campaigns using VR.

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