LeadsRx Capabilities to Measure OTT Effectiveness and Contribution to Customer Journey

MarTech Outlook | Tuesday, October 06, 2020

AJ Brown, CEO and Co-Founder

LeadsRx leads the industry by constantly expanding its marketing attribution offerings to give marketers and advertisers all the tools they require to optimize ad spend.

Portland, Ore: LeadsRx adds new capabilities for over-the-top (OTT) advertisers within the suite of capabilities available in its impartial marketing attribution platform. The added capabilities allow advertisers to integrate OTT ad analytics within multi-touch attribution models, which is the major way marketers evaluate ad performance and spend optimizations. Previously, OTT attribution could only be assessed in isolation, leading to wrong or damaging marketing decisions.

With consumers today cutting the cord at an accelerating rate - with 50 million more estimated to do that by 2021, LeadsRx Attribution offers marketers a platform to compare OTT advertising's effectiveness to other marketing channels. It also shows OTT as a marketing touchpoint within the customer journey that comprises podcast ads, TV, FM radio, Google and Facebook ads, and other digital advertising formats.

Marketers benefit from LeadsRx attribution analysis because they can leverage it to measure the return on ad spend (ROAS) and give accurate OTT advertising, allocating proper credit to the other touchpoints often affected by OTT ads like organic and paid search. These incremental channels received undue credit for their influence on conversions previously because OTT advertisements were driving engagement with those channels. With complete multi-touch attribution, OTT ads can receive an accurate share of conversions because the marketing data is being assessed on one universal platform. LeadsRx OTT Attribution is available instantly and is seamlessly integrated into the existing multi-touch attribution abilities available within LeadsRx, for no additional cost.

The LeadsRx Open Attribution API combines data from third-party ACR providers to offer details on when and what ads were shown to each household. LeadsRx Attribution processes this data and decides if people from that household visited the advertiser's website or took action. The LeadsRx Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel, found on the advertiser's website, gathers these digital interactions and tailor together complete customer journeys, including OTT ads.

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