LeadSift and Intentsify Collaborate to Deliver Intent Data for B2B Companies

By MarTech Outlook | Friday, July 24, 2020

Tukan Das, CEO

Combining two complementary intent data sources, offers marketers with a more powerful view of prospects' interests and readiness, along with meaningful, demand-generating engagements.

FREMONT, CA: LeadSift, a leading buyer-intent data platform, and Intentsify, a powerful intent data activation software, are partnering up to deliver and activate intent data for B2B companies at the contact and account level. This strategic partnership will allow B2B marketing teams to pinpoint which contacts and companies are actively researching specific solutions and product categories or engaging with their competitors, and then act on that intel to engage identified accounts, quickly and meaningfully.

With this data platform, endusers benefit from an ultra-efficient, turnkey solution--including intent-driven programmatic advertising and lead generation--resulting in increased target-account engagement, conversion rates, return on media spend, and brand experience. It also e  tedious workflow an effective way to quickly adjust demand generation efforts according to changing market needs. To properly use intent signals, marketers need to reach buyers via multiple channels like targeted ads, personalized email nurtures, content syndication programs. Working hand in hand with Intentsify will allow marketers to make activating the Intent Data super easy while quantifying the exact impact on their pipeline.

Changing intent insights into impactful actions is an immense roadblock for many B2B marketing teams. By combining two complementary intent data sources, the new integration with LeadSift offers marketers with a more powerful view into prospects' interests and readiness along with meaningful, demand-generating engagements. When two uniquely different data sets both identify the same intent signals, that is powerful, and that's exactly what this partnership provides.

LeadSift is an intent data platform for leading B2B technologies companies helping them identify in-market customers and engage with them with relevant messaging. Intentsify makes intent data actionable for B2B marketers and makes more impactful intent-driven insights and actions, enabling you to scale demand and pipeline velocity, while saving time and resources.

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