Latest MarTech Trends to Adopt

By Martech Outlook | Friday, February 26, 2021

The new marketing trends offers companies with various opportunities to improve their working process and customer experience. 

FREMONT, CA: 2021 offers marketers an opportunity to take the difficulties of 2020 as challenges and develop their working processes and methods. Martech's growth in 2021 will be focused on various evolving trends, particularly analytical marketing technology.

Hyper automation

Gartner mentions that hyper-automation is necessary for its Top Strategic Technology Developments for 2021 study. With AI and machine learning assistance, companies can automate as many business and IT processes necessary. The new international survey observed that the top marketing automation advantages are enhanced targeting and better marketing ROI.

Data-driven marketing

In marketing, the position of analytics and data will increase. Customer journeys are getting more dynamic, and it suggests using more touchpoints to evaluate purchasing behaviour. Data-driven marketing has several advantages, but it involves marketers with new skills and experience.

Marketo forecasts that in 2025, data analytics and visualization, AI and machine learning for content distribution and CX management will be the most wanted in-demand marketing skills.

Internet privacy and data security

Various data breaches and internet security violations have increased customers' awareness of their data use. The standards for businesses to manage documents safely are growing.

It allows marketers to comply with the use of data for personalization marketing and compliance with privacy laws. Fifty-seven percent of US marketers say that privacy regulations have improved transparency over data usage.

The rise of remote working culture

Companies have had to get used to the new standard of working this year, which is remote work. The perceptions of organizations about remote work have shifted dramatically.

There have been upsides and downsides of remote work. Working from home, for instance, has made people think about their living conditions and even relocation. Some negative concerns have also been posed by remote work, like difficulty separating work and family life and ensuring concentration all through the day.

User-generated content is the new marketing policy

Photos, reviews, social media posts can be user-generated content (UGC), essentially any content that the user posts about a brand and it is shown to outperform brand-created content.

Using user-generated content is not only about adding a social media feed to the website. But even in brand marketing, UGC can be utilized in innovative ways.

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