Largest Independent Marketing Exchange Connecting Brands to Consumers

By Martech Outlook | Friday, April 19, 2019

OpenX provides high-quality and value publications of all kinds of connected screen and ad format to brands, publishers, and consumers at a global level. In one of the world's most important and highest-quality ad exchanges, the company aggregates, curates, and values consumer interest in real time to ensure marketers reach precisely the audience that they want. OpenX provides more than 30,000 brands, over 1,200 publishers, and over 2,000 premium mobile apps worldwide. The company operates the largest independent marketing exchange in the world that connects ten thousands of top brands to consumers through the most popular websites and mobile applications worldwide. The company is a recognized leader in quality, scale, and performance in every type of linked screen and format.

OpenX announced its first kind of collaboration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which will bring the entire OpenX exchange into the cloud today. OpenX will become the first major exchange through this deployment to fully transfer all on-site workload to the cloud and become truly serverless. In 2018, work began to integrate the five-year technology partnership with companies which expected to complete the full cloud transition by the end of Q2 2019.

To help businesses modernize their digital world today, Google Cloud delivers secure, open, intelligent, and transformational tools. Google's security model, global infrastructure, and unique, innovative capacity will make it safe and compliant for Google Cloud. Some of Google Cloud's products include AI and machine learning, API management, Cloud Services Platform, Compute, data analytics, databases, Developer tools, IoT, Migration, Networking, security, and storage. Serverless service of Google Cloud improves the productivity of developers, helping to focus on what matters most—to build great applications and to remove the rest. The advantages of serverless computing are zero servers management, no upstream provisioning, automatic scale-up to meet traffic demands, and the payment for resources alone.

This partnership marks a progressive leap forward in the operation of advertising exchanges today. OpenX will bring faster innovations on the market and significantly more efficient to both buyers and sellers by joining DBM to use GCP to power its global exchange. Nearly one-quarter of the OpenX tech staff was committed to preserving traditional infrastructure before 2019. With the transition to Google Cloud, resources will be made available to concentrate on new growth areas for the company, like marketing, video, and CTV.

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