Koalifyed Releases its Solution for Influencer Campaign Management

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, April 07, 2021

The solution brings the latest technology and campaign management potentials that forge stronger relationships between brands and creators.

FREMONT, CA: Koalifyed, an influencer marketing platform for social-first brands, releases its end-to-end solution for modern influencer campaign management. Koalifyed allows brands to manage all parts of the influencer ecosystem – from identification, contract management, and creative execution to payment and performance tracking. This model generates efficiencies and deeper partnerships between in-house marketing teams, agencies, and creators to come together in one workspace.

The vision behind Koalifyed is what makes it different from other platforms– it is developed to continuously evolve with the ever-changing influencer sector, offering more effective ways to strengthen relationships with creators, more transparent data and analytics, and ensure security and efficiencies are at the core. Koalifyed’s proprietary bot identification service S.N.I.F.F. applies the power of commercialized government intelligence agency technologies to find up to 10 times more bots than other products.

With the platform's end-to-end nature, Koalifyed can minimize the time historically spent on manual-intensive tasks, enabling brands to shift their focus to building stronger relationships with their influencer communities and driving more powerful content. Stagwell Technologies developed Koalifyed in partnership with leading consumer marketing agency MMI Agency.

As new social platforms evolve and influencers take up a significant share of marketing budgets, the company saw an opportunity to create an innovative solution that enables brands to gain efficiencies while showing influencer marketing's business value. The options available have not evolved with the requirements of the industry and its users. Koalifyed facilitates and improves the relationships between brand and creator, and it is built to iterate, learn and grow with the changing demands of all stakeholders.

Koalifyed is now available to all brands and provides solutions for influencer marketing budgets of all sizes. Creators can also sign up to join the Koalifyed creator database to be found by brands via Koalifyed’s website.

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