Key Loyalty Marketing Strategies Brands Can Use

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, April 23, 2021

FREMONT, CA : Loyalty marketing is not a new idea. It has been around in various guises. Organizations are now using loyalty programs more often than ever before. They understand the essentiality of retaining existing customers and opt to implement a system directed to build customer loyalty. If brands need a more sustainable marketing strategy, they need to include their existing customers into the picture through loyalty marketing. Here are some loyalty marketing strategies brands can make sure to use.

Soliciting Customer Feedback

It is normal in business for customers to come and go. But marketers must reduce the detraction rate as much as possible. When customers use products, they will have feedback about it. The best means to know how they feel about it is to offer channels that they can leverage to inform customers. These opinions can be helpful in various ways. Some opinions can be reasons for them leaving the brand, or they could be feedback from experienced users on how to enhance the product.

Celebrating Loyal Customers

After brands have given customers a voice to express their feedback and experiences, firms want to make them feel special for supporting the brand.  Social media platforms give users a channel for identity expression, where they can showcase their thoughts and actions to their networks. These platforms also offer a great way for firms to encourage customer interactions through user-generated content. Social media giveaways incentivize customers to communicate with the brand and promote it through their networks.

Incentivizing Repeat Business with Rewards

Customers can be loyal to brands but jump over to another brand that is cheaper or newer. Loyalty is dynamic, so brands have to keep offering customers a reason to come back. That is why it is essential to have other means to draw them back apart from the new products. Having a loyalty program is a concrete method to encourage customers to continue to patronize the brand. This offers customers a reason to keep buying from the brand.

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