Jabmo Platform to Integrate with Google

Martech Outlook | Monday, September 13, 2021

Jabmo collaborates with Google, making it the first fully omnichannel ABM platform.

FREMONT, CA: Jabmo, the largest provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions to the manufacturing and life sciences sectors, partners with Google, making it the first fully omnichannel ABM platform. This new addition to Jambo's award-winning technology enables B2B marketers to broaden their market presence within target account purchasing groups and track account-level activity throughout the world's major digital marketing channels, all from one platform. Current users were given access to the Google integration earlier this year.

Mark Durante, Vice President of Product & Engineering at Jabmo, said, "With a single, unfiltered view of their ABM performance, our customers can now get a much more accurate picture of how their Google and other marketing channels are driving engagement with key accounts. Our latest integration with Google creates a truly omnichannel view and helps B2B marketers eliminate wastage by only sending ads to their most important accounts."

The addition of Google to Jabmos' legacy abilities of account-dependent analytics, IP-based display advertising, and marketing automation follows previous integrations with Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. B2B marketers can use Jabmos' Omnichannel ABM platform to:

Track campaign performance at the account level within a platform.

Increase the number of wins

Use the world's largest advertising networks to reach and engage target accounts.

Notify sales teams when critical account engagement levels are high.

Reduce complicated sales cycles

Nick Heys, CEO of Jabmo, concludes, "Every digital marketing channel can deliver some level of target account engagement, but the true power of ABM comes when all channels are seamlessly integrated in an omnichannel strategy. Our mission at Jabmo is to help B2B marketing and sales teams adapt to the new world of digital buying and selling. Thanks to all the capabilities added to the Jabmo ABM Platform this year, including the Google integration, our customers can now reach their target accounts wherever they are online early and throughout the entire buying cycle."

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