Is Personalization a Necessity for Brands?

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, January 23, 2020

Personalization is helping brands create a success statement like never before, ensuring more and happier customers.

FREMONT, CA: Studies reported that many brands are still dependent on basic forms of personalization, and failing to engage consumers as a result. Marketing has evolved considerably over time. From the printing press and easy ads to entering the digital world, today’s marketers depend heavily on personalization and data analytics. Personalization is now more than a buzz word as those who know its value are capitalizing it and receiving the advantages. Thanks to predictive analysis and cloud marketing solutions, most companies today can personalize the content on social media, PPC, and e-commerce channels. 

Added expenses keep brands from offering personalization to customers. A customer review by Deloitte revealed that one in five customers are more than happy to pay 20 percent more for personalized and custom-made. The same report also summarized that customers over 55 years old were more likely to buy a customized product than those in the age group of 16-24. Personalization is a key part of enhanced customer experience, with intelligent use of data enabling marketers to create appropriate and unique experiences that hold attention for longer.

Users want everything at their convenience and comfort, and personalization is just the answer to it. Brands have realized the importance of it and trying their best to provide what the customer wants before others in the market gain popularity. For instance, sportswear brands have created quite a buzz with personalized sports shoes recently. There has not been one instance that personalization has gone wrong. Brands should start personalizing if they have not yet set their minds to it. Personalization will only get brands to meet more happy and loyal customers, enabling them to stay competitive and relevant in the market.

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