Is Live Streaming a New Marketing Way?

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Live streaming creates a brilliant platform for marketers to showcase their offerings while attracting and communicating with the viewers.

FREMONT, CA: Over the past few years, the live streaming solution has massively transformed the streaming experience for the viewers, including customer interaction too. Today, professionals take advantage of live video streaming features to showcase the real outlook of their brands and attract more viewers. In the fast-moving world, customers expect to live or near real-time experiences. For example, 80 percent of the customers would prefer watching live videos of brands rather than reading the brand stories or promotional blogs. Marketers realize that the above trend, the live streaming strategy can help them engage modern customers, understand their demands, and even communicate with them directly.

Live streaming presents additional values to regular streaming efforts. Some of the ways how marketers use live streaming for their marketing efforts are listed below.

• Quantitative ROI and Content

It is tough to measure the ROI of influencer marketing. However, live streaming lets marketers notice measurable results by providing valuable information. The filtered data enables the brands to understand and identify their area of focus to put live-streaming efforts. Such information or insights can be used by marketers to develop future marketing campaigns.

• Influencers-Audiences Interactions

The rising popularity of influencers creates a new opportunity for marketers to increase customer interaction at new levels. Such communications have the potential to impact the brands' market perception. Further, an engaging conversation with a celebrity or influencers can raise audiences’ interest and curiosity, propelling customer engagement.

• Immense Opportunity for Dynamic Creativity

Live streaming fills the gap between television programs and online video content. This helps marketers use customer interaction experiences to create enormously creative content. Live streaming help marketers improve audience engagement by modifying their content based on their situational awareness. A data-driven presentation, combined with some amount of entertainment is the key to enhance customer engagement and interaction.

Live streaming has become the need of the hour for marketers. Customers expect and welcome dynamic content for which live streaming provides a perfect platform, enabling marketers to attract more audience.

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