Is AI Solely Driving Marketing?

Martech Outlook | Monday, October 19, 2020

With AI crafting experiences, just like how a human touch would do, the realm of marketing is dynamically moving towards becoming more and more intuitive.

FREMONT, CA: Most of the modern brands are realizing that agility is standing as an answer to a lot of practical challenges and quests.AI technology is perfectly complimenting these strategic and nimble efforts of enterprises in order to reap success. Considering the realm of marketing predominantly, almost all the enterprises look to turn into brands with a huge amount of popularity. While the marketing teams are basing their efforts on technology, AI is proving to be the right choice.

The right blend of creativity and strategy is all that is needed for a marketer to cross the oceans of competition. The market forecasts on marketing predominantly point to AI and state that this technology would become the sole future of marketing. The alliance of the realm of marketing with intelligence and creativity is further founding personalization. AI is widely accepted by the marketing industry as it has all the capability to craft highly personalized marketing campaigns without the involvement of human touch.

Top 10 MarTech Consulting/Service Startups - 2019AI is increasingly being preferred by modern marketers due to its unceasing potential n collecting and analyzing the right data seamlessly. The technology of AI intelligently mines data that is pertaining to the audiences and customers. further, the technology also helps the marketers in understanding the customers and the target parameters by deriving intelligent, intuitive, and informative insights into the interests, preferences, and the likes of the customers. With the help of these practical and actionable insights, the marketers would then come up with a personalized and highly specific marketing, ad, or branding campaigns.

Such a crafted and customized branding strategy is sure to turn the audience into leads and further into customers essentially. The future of marketing is bright, with agility becoming the mainstream of all the approaches, and the technology of artificial intelligence is only making it more and more productive.

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