Adds Innovative Analytics Technology NeuralView for Accelerating Sales

Marketing Tech Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, CA:, the leading cloud-based sales and intelligence technology company, introduces NeuralView predictive analytics to its next-generation sales acceleration technology platform. In the beta trials, the new predictive analytics tool which can be used by both -- buyers and sellers; successfully delivered a 12-25 percent of sales increase for businesses.

It is designed to be a new predictive scoring and prioritization solution for accelerating business sales by prioritizing leads, contacts and prospects depending on the purchase probability. NeuralView automatically and intuitively processes leads to aid sales teams work smarter, close deals faster and generate more revenue.

NeuralView leverages the data and calculates the likelihood which lead will close and then assigns it a NeuralScore on the new tool. Other variables are then factored in to the score -- such as available demographic, geographic, and company information -- to sort and optimize the leads to prescribe a list of optimal contacts. The process is continual, recurring every hour to provide the most up-to-date recommendations.

Built on's cutting edge Neuraltyics technology, NeuralView is a self-learning predictive analytics engine that processes massive and sophisticated data sets to generate straightforward insights and directions for boosting sales. Neuralytics was designed by a team of top data scientists processing anonymized data from the largest sales database in the world, with 150 million customer profiles and more than 10 billion sales interactions representing scores of industries and companies of every size. InsideSales continues to build this database with approximately 1 billion new data points being added each month.

"Neuralytics is one of the most important technology developments I've seen for sales," says Scott Leese, Senior Vice President of Sales at OutboundEngine. "Our sales machine is highly tuned, and yet we still saw an immediate lift in closed business, due to improved contact rates and close rates."

NeuralView strengthens the three core components of sales success: people, process and performance. The platform also includes tools like:

PowerDialer-'s flagship product is a dialer integrated with Salesforce that creates inbound call campaigns through an easy-to-use interface.

Vision - An email tracking system that alerts sales professionals to real-time email interaction data including the viewing and opening of emails, clicks on web links, attachment downloads, forwarding of emails, and webpage visits.

Sales Indicator - Sales hiring software that enables sales managers to hire the best salespeople and coach their teams for success.

PowerStandings - A comprehensive sales gamification system that inspires new levels of sales performance by making selling competitive, visual and fun.  

"NeuralView takes the guesswork out of the sales process," explains Dave Elkington, CEO and founder. "The predictive algorithms and environmental analysis provide sales teams with the definitive knowledge on how to best approach and contact their optimal leads."

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