Industry-First CCO RADAR Solutions to Deliver Verifiable Results in OOH Advertising Campaigns

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, September 16, 2020

CCO RADAR suite of solutions demonstrate a significant step forward for out-of-home advertising, adding a dynamic element to a historically static medium

FREMONT, CA: Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) announces another industry first as its CCO RADAR suite of solutions now delivers automotive dealers verifiable results that their printed and digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaigns drive sales. This technology comes as the wheels begin turning again at auto manufacturers and dealers nationwide. As a just-released study shows, 62 percent of vacationers plan to travel by car this summer.

Partnering with IHS Markit, a leading solution provider in critical information and analytics, CCO evolved its attribution tool, RADARProof, so auto dealers can be in the driver's seat during the rebound, and beyond, to see how their OOH ad campaigns deliver sales. This RADARProof innovation is the nation's first ad tech solution to connect vehicle sales and consumer exposure to OOH advertising.

RADARProof can be the key that accelerates the auto industry's rebound post coronavirus scenario. The new RADARProof attribution capability, available in all CCO markets nationwide, allows auto dealers to use OOH in a measurable way to drive sales for both new and pre-owned vehicles. RADARProof's new integration of Polk Demand Signals offers a shot of 21st-century horsepower to auto marketing at a pivotal time as our nation begins its economic recovery from COVID. 

CCO's RADARProof offers a variety of attribution solutions to help advertisers evaluate OOH's impact on a range of unique marketing goals, including retail visitation, brand affinity, TV tune in, and mobile app downloads. Working with best-in-class partners, RADARProof® leverages aggregated, and anonymized mobile location data to understand how an OOH ad influences consumer attitudes and behaviors. Actions of exposed and unexposed audiences are compared to determine a campaign's influence and effectiveness.

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