Identity Resolution: A New Approach To Optimize CDP For Sales

By Martech Outlook | Monday, May 13, 2019

As customer data is considered to be a vital asset by most businesses in the present digital era, business leader are looking for various customer data analytical tools to drive profitability. Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a user-centric software solution which provides a centralized approach to analyze, derive facts and manage customer and client data. As a centralized user database, CDP works on the principle of profiling customer information by collecting inputs from different sources and classifying it into unique customer identities. CDP's identity resolution feature has sought the attention of every customer-oriented business model. Identity resolution brings together multiple profiles from the various channel and stitches them together to create an outline of the customer personality in terms of behavior, choices and preferences, location and demography, interest, and other such sales-boosting traits.   

CDP customer profiles include identity indicators, which technically describe the overall prospect of an individual. As a part of Identity resolution, intelligent data mining algorithms are used to obtain the users' online shopping data, social media interactions, email responses, search history, website cookies, channel subscriptions, online appearance, and more. Further, CDP merges the captured information into a single user profile and categorizes data under various column such as email, contact, system ID, etc. Identity resolution drives the enterprise towards achieving higher sales and profits as detailed and processed customer data profile helps the companies to design interactive campaigning strategies to reach large audiences globally. Besides, customization options and customer retention becomes way simpler with this CDP functionality.

Real-time CDP practices can quickly meet the critical need for producing error-free outputs with the onset of identity resolution vectors. Featuring reliability, security, and trustworthiness identity resolution has become one of the core elements of marketing channels, enabling the promoters and sales representatives to recognize the potential leads from the central user database, convert them into customers, communicate with them and achieve high revenue.                   

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