HubSpot Introduces Native Video Function with Vidyard Integration

By Martech Outlook | Friday, December 07, 2018

HubSpot, a marketing and sales platform introduced a native video function to its platform in association with a Vidyard, a business video platform. Previously, HubSpot users had to embed a video created with external tools, but the new capability operates inside the HubSpot dashboard for marketing, sales or service. 

HubSpot has made it easy for marketers to use their platform. Marketers can externally produce a video and upload on their branded landing page hosted on the HubSpot platform. Sales personnel can use a webcam to record a video or screen-record an online process, facilitated by the Vidyard application.

Sharing videos via a clickable thumbnail, a link and other messaging platforms to a potential customer are facilitated by HubSpot functions. On top of that, Vidyard’s application shows video engagement analytics and clickable call to action buttons on the overlay on top of the video. Since it is a brand’s page, the functionality of the video is to drive potential customers to take action. The new onboard created videos are playable on the Vidyard player on HubSpot, plus they can also be exported in a variety of formats.

Businesses have to create buyer personas to help them easily understand their customer needs and wants. A buyer persona is a representation of an organization's ideal customer based on existing data and market research. For marketers, buyer personas are the key to making better videos. Vidyard’s video engagement analytics can help marketers understand where the customer is spending their time and make relevant content around their needs.

Buyer personas’ have further benefits like personalizing the videos around customer needs and extracting value from the already made videos sitting idle on a landing page. Marketers can update the thumbnails and add interactive layers within the HubSpot dashboard. The new capabilities introduced by HubSpot and Vidyard shows the growing importance of videos and marketers must take complete advantage of the platform.   

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