How will Sesh Corp.'s Empath Read People's Mind

Martech Outlook | Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Sesh Corp. will focus on understanding people’s mind with the help of a software known as Empath.

FREMONT, CA: Sesh Corp. is all set to use artificial intelligence to understand consumers better. This Los Angeles-based startup raised $1.6 million in pre-seed funding for the development of the centerpiece known as Empath. 

The software was introduced in the market in July. It uses AI to understand the emotions through video. Sesh is demonstrating it as an essential business device that’s been helpful during the pandemic as it has become difficult to meet people in person and Zoom calls have become the norm. According to the company, the demand for emotional intelligence and EQ is increasing.

David Dorfman, the co-founder, and CEO stated that today,most people are communicating through video calling facilities. Therefore, they must understand the situational context, the culture of the meeting participants, and non-verbal cues to establish trust and develop meaningful relationships quickly.

Sesh’sEmpath has to ability to read the emotionsof users.  These emotions are shown in a cloud bubble while they are communicating. It allows the company to understand the best way to communicate with them. The data is traced, and it takes very little time to analyze and understand the person's state of mind.

The funds that have been collected will be utilized to develop and launch the Empath Beta in the next few months. It will also increase customer access, extend the team, and aim to have a market leader in the reasoning AI.

The solution can be beneficial, especially during the pandemic, when every person is trying to be dependent on video calls to communicate. Sesh thinks the device can even benefit sales teams, as it can be utilized for training and market research.

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