How Webcasting Can Be a Great Marketing Tool

Martech Outlook | Friday, September 24, 2021

Today, webcasting is widely used in business, as it has grown in popularity as a method for firms to hold online events.

FREMONT, CA: The technique of streaming video or audio streams via the internet is webcasting. We obtain webcasts through a process that combines web and broadcast, and this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what webcasting is.

The Critical Role of Webcasting

Webcasts enable the transmission of communications from one person to many, whether to a small group or thousands of individuals. Webcasting refers to more than only the transmission of video streams. Businesses are no longer required to host a slew of regional gatherings. Rather than that, they can host virtual events accessible to individuals in various areas and geographies worldwide. Webcasting enables businesses worldwide to expand their reach and share information regardless of audience location, thanks to its easy accessibility and interactive capabilities.

The Advantages of Webcasting

There are numerous reasons to hold a webcast, ranging from expanding the communications reach to the cost savings associated with virtual event hosting. It's a well-known fact that live events can be expensive, whether they're high-profile customer gatherings or employee training sessions, and in-person meetings can quickly add costs in terms of location, transport, and food costs. Businesses may digitally provide their attendees with the same professional event experience by holding webcasts at a fraction of the expense.

Today, the pandemic of COVID-19 has altered how businesses work and how people perceive events. Remote work has become more popular among employees, and individuals make video calls from their homes. Companies are becoming more at ease with the idea of presenting huge events digitally.

The Distinction between a Webcast and a Webinar

Webcasting is most frequently used to refer to live-streamed virtual events. However, one may hear the phrase webinar as well. Numerous individuals often conflate these concepts. Thus, what is the distinction between a webcast and a webinar? While they are distinct, one should consider webinars to be a subset of webcasts. Webinars are often targeted towards a smaller audience, whereas webcasts broadcast high-profile events to thousands of people.

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