How to Use Technology for Enhanced Customer Experience

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, May 24, 2021

Digital customer experience requires that firms need a lot of planning to understand what the audience wants and how to offer it.

FREMONT,CA: Digital customer experience is the driver behind any purchasing operation. That's because customers' impressions of the brands' online presence shape their purchasing decisions and level of engagement. So, it is no surprise that customer experience beats pricing and product as the number one priority for brands. And that's where technology comes in: the right tools can do wonders for digital experience, assisting create a seamless customer journey, from the moment they land on the site, all the way through to purchase, and beyond. Here are some ways to use technology for enhanced customer experience.

Live Chat

When the customers need assistance with purchases or even just navigating the site, after all, it is not as if there's a sales executive ready and waiting to support them as they get in physical stores. Live chat is the closest customers can come to that immediacy of service people get in the store. Visitors can send a message to the team as soon as an issue arises and receive the help they need — from product recommendations to clarifications to solutions. Live chat has been popular among customers to communicate with businesses, and research suggests that 41 percent of customers expect to see the live chat on the website.


Co-browsing is among those technologies that aren't popular but are very likely to cause an exciting moment for anyone who learns about them. This means they're undeniably supporting enhancing digital customer experience, and they do it in a method that no other technology can quite match. Because cobrowsing enhances communication, it also has direct advantages for business. Customers get their issues remediated faster without wasting time explaining what they see on their screen, thus mitigating customer support costs. Faster and smoother service makes people happier.

Analytics Tools

Analytics tools and other similar platforms offer firms insight on who the customers are and how they behave and gauging their opinions of the digital experience brands offer them. This knowledge provides firms the information they need to enhance that digital experience. Firms can, for instance, remove bottlenecks in the customer journey that their customers talk about.

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