How to Optimize the Process of Event Planning?

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, May 17, 2021

The technologies used for event planning must drive results that lead to a significant increase in ROI.

FREMONT, CA: Event preparation, whether virtual or in-person, is a time-consuming operation. To ensure that events go off without delay, planners keep track of various details and implements numerous event components.

They frequently face many difficulties. These problems emerge not because the team lacks the necessary expertise and experience, but many planners still rely on outdated processes, which can contribute to the loss of critical information that may threaten the event's success.

An integrated method uses technology to minimize manual activities, free up time, and provide attendees with a more connected experience. Every aspect of event planning can be helped by appropriate technology, allowing them to schedule the event in a more coordinated and precise manner.

Here are some of the most popular areas where planners run into problems and some technologies that can help streamline the process.

Event Budget Management

Another field where technology can help is event budgeting. They can use tools to plan the budget, monitor the expenditures and income, and set up payment reminders.

They may also use the tools to delegate products to vendors and assign individual line items to team members. One can quickly estimate event ROI with these tools and know where to make changes to achieve the objectives.

Event Registration, Marketing, and Promotion

Consider using a combined platform for event registration, promotion, and marketing to make data collection, transition, and incorporation easier. Many of these features are included in some marketing automation platforms (MAPs), which can help avoid duplication of efforts.

Monitoring user activity is critical for increasing conversion rates (the number of event registrations), and MAPs can assist them. If they don't have a MAP, other resources will help to achieve the goals.

Venue Sourcing and Selection

Event venue selection and sourcing is a time-consuming process. It entails locating and sending RFPs to various properties and waiting for responses from each of them.

ERFP solutions allow users to set criteria based on event specifications, enabling them to pre-select specific properties that match the event's best match. The solutions will then enable them to build an RFP that can be sent directly to selected properties. It has a faster response time and a higher response rate.



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