How to Boost Organic Traffic?

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, April 06, 2021

The companies must use new SEO methods to improve their organic traffic to enhance the user experience. 

FREMONT, CA : Google is getting smarter and more powerful, not only in analyzing and understanding web pages but also in how productive it is to keep people within their system. The more Google answers queries inside the SERPs or guides users to advertising rather than organic listings, the more money it earns.

However, for the companies who depend on Google's organic search traffic as a support system, this makes it much harder. The SERPs are shifting (and for most of them, it is not better). Here are some of the major features available in Google's SERPs. How are they transforming? By:

• Displaying image and video packsTop SEO Consulting/Service Companies

• Disguising ads

• Making knowledge panels more prominent and utilizing them more frequently

These things drive organic listings deeper down the SERPs, leading to less organic clicks and a growing requirement for online retailers to invest in paid listings.

Here are the best SEO techniques available for 2021, including innovative and straightforward SEO techniques, to help companies maintain and increase the organic search presence.

Improve User Experience Across Your Entire Site

The user experience mission is to find the best possible results for each user's query, just like any search engine. Users are less likely to utilize the search engine again if they fail on this front. That said, Google manages this quite well, which is why it is, by far, the world's largest search engine. The logic from Google is that if a user spends more time on a website, it is because they discovered it is useful.

Google has not publicly confirmed this, but there is reason to believe that the search engine giant rewards sites with higher rankings with low bounce rates. As Google only aims to give its users the best possible results, it will promote sites with high interaction on the search engine results pages.

Focus on Topic Clusters Instead of Keywords

Google evolves, and so does the algorithm. The aim now is to understand the importance of its users, what they expect, what they are searching for, and what search results will allow them to answer the queries.

However, just by creating keyword-focused content, the companies must not expect the website to appear on Google's first list. Looking at keywords alone is not enough. They will have to look at the meaning surrounding them. They must even pay attention to what the users are searching for, often referred to as user intent.

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