How Ticket-Exchanging Feature Improves Event Management

By MarTech Outlook | Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Event ManagementChristie Hennes, Director of Product Development, TicketSauce

Registration-free ticket exchanging solution brings next-generation features that assist organizers in up-grading event management solutions.

FREMONT, CA: TicketSauce introduces innovative ticket exchange features without the need for registration. The company’s tech-driven solution supports free ticket exchanges while reducing client servicing time and queries. The registration-free ticket exchange features offer a quick and easy way for ticket swapping by putting high control in the hands of the ticketholder, cutting down the support tasks for the event organizers.

The innovative registration-free ticket exchange features allow the ticket holders to upgrade or downgrade their tickets at general admission level to that of VIP and vice versa. TicketSauce's brilliant ticket exchange features present advanced reporting in the application to the organizers during the event that includes filtered data by time intervals, ticket type, payment type, and more. This ticket exchange features also deliver benefits like Sales Modal Overlay, Advanced Reporting in App with Deep Filtering, Stripe Bluetooth App Integration, and Self-Service eating Management.   

The Director of Product Development, Christie Hennes, states “As a company focused on assisting event organizers to continue to drive revenue and more registrations to their events, we constantly look for ways to pioneer features to benefit the event ticketing industry. With the release of the no-account registration feature, control of tickets and swaps, upgrades and event features are now in the control of the ticket goer with little to no interaction needed from a support services group on the organizers part – making this a win/win for both.”

TicketSauce, an event platform, and ticketing software solution provider, delivers solutions for event ticketing, management, and box office with the robust, secure, and fully customizable ticketing software. The company aims to develop an easy-to-use event management solution for event organizations of all the sizes and types. TicketSauce provides the ability to set up a complete, brand-driven ticketing solution in 24 hours with customized features, helping the organizers to resell the products across the industry's ecosystem. 

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