How this Marketing platform Helps Retailers Provide Tailored Offers

By Martech Outlook | Friday, January 10, 2020

By harnessing the power of AI, marketers can ride intelligent marketing, along with improving the customer journey.

FREMONT, CA: The leader in customer marketing solutions for physical retailers, Punchh, has secured $40 million in a Series C funding round by Adams Street Partners and Sapphire Ventures, with AllianceBernstein also joining the round. The bagged investment will be used to expand Punchh's AI capabilities with its expansion into new verticals like convenience stores and other physical retail segments. Punchh has also announced the collaboration with Casey's General Stores, Inc. as a part of the expansion, which is a Fortune 500 organization and one of the biggest convenience store brands in the U.S., operating 2,100 stores in 16 states throughout the Midwest. Punchh's platform gives retailers an unparalleled understanding of how customers engage with their brands in the real world. The company also enables retailers to use this understanding to create AI-powered experiences that keep customers coming back for more. 

Punchh is an innovative marketing platform that is designed to drive same-store sales for the physical retail experience. Punchh collects in-store and online consumer data in real-time by integrating with existing point-of-sale and eCommerce systems. This, in turn, generates a 360-degree view of customers across the entire customer lifecycle, powered by Punchh, bringing people from consumer to customer, and from customer to loyalist. Brands can create and deliver personalized journeys by applying Punchh's proprietary AI to this customer data. Retailers will be able to distribute tailored offers to drive customer lifetime value.

Punchh is a company providing digital marketing products for brick-and-mortar retailers, integrating AI and ML technologies, designed to boost lifetime customer value dramatically. The Punchh marketing platform integrates with an entire ecosystem of external party systems, including Point of Sale (POS) systems, WiFi vendors, payments systems and mobile payment providers, e-commerce and online ordering systems, and gift card systems. The company aims to help physical retailers supercharge their in-store and online customer experience, generating data-driven, AI-powered consumer experiences that establish long-lasting one-to-one relationships and drive same-store sales. 

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