How Technology Augments ABM Strategy

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, November 04, 2020

As marketers dedicate more money to their ABM strategies, the winning marketers upgrade their marketing technology stacks to help optimize their efforts.

FREMONT, CA: There’s a lot of buzz around account-based marketing (ABM) in the marketing realm today. ABM is a practical account-centric approach that aims for high-yield accounts. It is receiving renewed interest among marketers due to technology trends that digitize the implementation of ABM strategy. Previously, ABM was an extremely high-cost endeavor that created a significant drain on budget and resources. Creating marketing tracks, surfacing personalized content, and reacting to prospect’s behaviors was all done manually. But the ability to access new data sources, automation, and other technologies have made ABM a strategy more effective. Below is an exploration of how technology trends have made ABM execution more efficient and scalable.

Top 10 MarTech Consulting/Service Startups - 2019The world is witnessing the transformational impact of AI throughout businesses, especially in marketing. While marketers can start with ABM with just a few accounts their sales organization is targeting, AI puts more potential in their hands, allowing them to identify and justify the accounts to pursue confidently. With AI, marketers can understand their ideal customer profile (ICP). Savvy marketers are using AI to analyze their historical sales, and technologies accounts have deployed, company news, business clues on social media platforms, and many more. AI helps marketers leverage significantly more data from both internal and external sources to draw precise models of their ideal customer.

Marketers realize that understanding buyers is their primary responsibility. Big data analytics can aid marketers to achieve this objective. For digital information that is predictive of buying intent, there are hundreds of data points. Advancements in technology enable the efficient analysis of information generated from online and offline interactions.  The buying cycle comprises thorough research from a buying committee instead of a single buyer within an account. It needs time-sensitive analysis from marketers to react to these behaviors and take action at the right time. This is where predictive intelligence solutions are crucial to informing account-based marketing campaigns. A well-executed ABM strategy represents an orchestrated marketing effort that uses insights driven by predictive intelligence to inform and improve the customer experience.

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