How SEO Can Help in Content Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Friday, February 26, 2021

Companies must learn how to create content to help them bring sustainable, qualified, and long-lasting organic traffic.

FREMONT, CA: For Google, links are still one of the key ranking variables. To increase relevance, covering a subject is equally crucial. It is not necessary to optimize every piece of content for search. There are also other purposes to write content (for example, for social sharing or to increase confidence and conversion), but SEO must be on the checklist if the companies want to make the most out of the content marketing and enhance ROI.

Factoring in SEO

Here are some of the factors that can help to build a holistic approach when it comes to content marketing and SEO:

What to communicate: The things the company stand for as an organization and what they are passionate about, like vision, value proposition, subjects, and problems.

What people are searching for: Use keyword analysis to analyze the target audience, consumer demand, and online interest.

What Google favors: Reviewing page 1 to comprehend what Google considers to be the most appropriate response and replicating something competitive.

Google Likes Structure

From an SEO viewpoint, here are some of the content concepts. The Google game is won by consistency and structure. Each of the ideas, websites, or blog posts for content should cover one subject, one intellectual entity.

The companies must think about the pages more like a Wikipedia entry (a skill that covers a subject in-depth) than a list of long-tail keywords. A page must cover the topic so well that it meets the search intent of the user. For one keyword cluster consisting of primary and supporting keywords, every page will be optimized.

To make it easy for Google to understand what the companies are writing about and the meaning of the subject, companies use keyword variations and synonyms.

The keyword research process allows companies to recognize topics important to the target audience. SEO instruments like Ahrefs or SEMrush will enable them to review the following:

• Monthly search traffic to understand marketing interest.

• Keyword difficulty to prioritize based on chances of success.

• Synonyms, variations, and related keywords to cover within a page.

• Click potential by estimating click-through rate to account for ads, featured snippets, etc.

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