How Personalization Reinvents a Buyer's Journey

By Martech Outlook | Monday, August 17, 2020

Personalization is reinventing a buyer’s journey, thereby changing the buying experience unimaginably. 

FREMONT, CA: Growing an ecommerce business faster than the market is not an easy feat. Also, just visiting a store or website is not where the customer experience ends. This is where personalization swoops in. Marketers think they have a mandate to personalize consumer experience across channels. That’s because most believe customers have signaled their interest in getting more-tailored information through their behaviors and actions. And in many cases, personalization seems to be the sensible next step in achieving the highest return on marketing investments in a digital, measurable world.

Top 10 Customer Experience Solution Companies - 2018A new approach being considered today is using consumer-owned content for personalized marketing. This approach is focused on serving buyer content that comprises one of their own Instagram photos or references of a Twitter or Facebook post they made. Personalized websites use content optimization algorithms to provide preferred content dynamically to visitors. Content is uniquely produced in real-time based on specific data about a visitor. Personalized websites reduce the tedium in the buyer’s journey by more directly serving wherever the buyer is in the sales cycle. It also produces a unique experience for the buyer based on specifics about their desires and requirements. With tapered messaging, the buyer obtains more value from the visit, thereby saving a lot of time.

Personalized marketing is an advanced form of target marketing. It aims to reach targeted audiences with the specific solution which they are seeking, and to speak directly to each buyer, creating a one-to-one experience. To address audiences with such precision and detail, personalized marketing necessitates big data about a particular buyer or group. This data must then be transformed into marketing action. Converting huge volumes of data into action is exceedingly more complex, and requires different marketing technologies. Personalization will be the sure ingredient to paint marketing success, thereby continuing to be an essential factor of excellent customer experience.

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