How Performance-Based Tech Enriches Sales Outcomes

By Martech Outlook | Monday, December 02, 2019

By using a platform to draw insights into marketing and sales, Salesforce can boost revenue, win leads and customers, and gain accurate forecasts.

FREMONT, CA: AuctusIQ, a new-to-market growth intelligence company, has launched its performance-based technology platform to accelerate sales growth. The company aims to help global sales organizations accelerate cost-effective growth, providing access to decades of experimental research on high-performing salespeople and practices, to boost revenue. Dozens of mid-market, fast-growth companies and multiple Fortune 1000 organization use the AuctusIQ platform to validate its effect on revenue growth through sales performance optimization. The AuctusIQ platform is powered by advanced sales analytics, delivering solutions that are proven to accelerate sales results scientifically.

The solutions provide predictive talent profile assessments, identifying the talents and skills of a team's best sellers, gap competencies, and predictive measurement. This replicates success and builds the right sales team. Powered by advanced sales analytics, the AuctusIQ platform helps the sales system with individual seller data analytics to predict success while accelerating deal processes and closing rates, providing a valid and trustworthy forecast. The AuctusIQ platform provides a sales coaching system with real-time feedback and an application that tracks the skills and competencies, accelerating sales performance. The AuctusIQ platform facilitates sellers to make more intelligent decisions through personalized sales coaching tied to every deal in the pipeline. 

AuctusIQ is a growth intelligence company that accelerates business growth and applies winning practices and systems to sales organizations through performance-based analytics. The company integrates talent intelligence, coaching intelligence, and deal intelligence to empower sales organizations through an integrated selling system to individualize their win plan. The AuctusIQ Platform seamlessly integrates the business's CRM and analyzes data from the sources to deliver growth intelligence needed to focus on how to bring buyers closer.

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