How NLP is Stimulating Lead Management

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, January 02, 2020

Business trends and time necessities have found NLP as a way to manage leads effectively.

FREMONT, CA: The digital era has changed the way business is done, and marketers need to keep pace with the demands of their prospects by creating a well-oiled lead generation system. Yet, lead generation remains a potent challenge for most marketers, even with the plethora of lead generation technologies available. To win the battle of lead generation, marketers are now using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Understanding what customers need is one of the most critical aspects of lead management, and NLP comes in as the silver bullet.

Customers’ needs and expectations are increasing. As a result, methods of communicating and interacting with them are also evolving—NLP is the critical enabler. NLP can collect valuable insights from all the prospects and then further narrow down the list. It also helps to understand the behavior and response of prospects on a personal level and is much more powerful than any other technology. An NLP-based platform can find out the company's performance in a detailed manner and give marketers an idea of whether the performance and reception are making positive impacts.

NLP takes voice and text reading to the next level through sentiment analysis. Conventional text-processing algorithms are incapable of deciphering the meaning from a text or voice sample. However, NLP can detect the mood and determine emotions. By understanding the sentiment of the prospects, marketers can easily filter quality leads and thereby save time. Just like sentiment analysis, tone analysis in an NLP system helps brands understand the general opinion a prospect may have regarding products and services. Using this with communication channels can be quite useful in finding the leads that qualify.

With NLP, brands get to learn about their prospects on a much closer level, and creating personal connections with customers becomes super easy. The use of NLP simply means that marketers do not have to spend hours collecting data on their leads. Needless to say, with NLP, marketers can say goodbye to archaic lead management and embrace a more focused process, which is highly effective and time-saving.

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