How is AI Shaping the Future of Personalized Marketing?

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 05, 2021

AI marketing tools can make brands perceive customers' needs in a personalized way and push sales efforts to the next level.

FREMONT, CA: When it comes to capturing consumers' attention and then converting them into loyal customers, the most effective strategy is reaching them on a personal level. The majority of consumers say personalized marketing improves the way they feel about a brand. While marketers agree personalization is effective, many brands are held back from personally relevant experiences due to particular challenges. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), marketers can scale their personalization strategies. Here are some ways how AI can enable brands to personalize marketing to deepen engagement with customers.

Top 10 Social Media Analytics Solution Companies - 2020• Creating User Profiles

Creating a user profile implies applying intelligent tools coming from the areas of AI, Data Mining, and Natural Language Processing. These tools make us contextualize and enhance results. Capturing and representing customer interest is a vital component of personalized marketing. A user profile is composed of a concept that ensures the user's interests. Data can be gathered by directly asking customers, indirectly tracking user data, and appending other data sources. This makes it easier for enterprises to understand and engage their audience effectively.

• Personalized Emails

 With AI and personalization, brands have revolutionized their email campaigns. It has enabled marketers to develop individualized emails to send to consumers with specific needs. To achieve this, brands needed to get better audience insights and collect customer data. AI is being used by marketers to develop effective email subject lines and call-to-actions. In doing so, brands are increasing their relevancy and delivering a positive brand experience that moves the customer down the sales funnel.

• Social Media Marketing

By interacting with potential consumers on social media, brands see loyalty and customer satisfaction. With AI technology, it is possible to send highly personalized social media content through automation and collect customer data for further use. It helps to understand social user behavior like how much time they spend online and what they use social media. AI tools investigate the type of content brands target consumer engages with. With the use of AI-based chatbots, marketers can also ensure messages and queries receive tailored responses. This all improves the customer experience and keeps the consumer satisfied.

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