How Is AI Applied In Social Media Management?

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Social media networks now rely on AI to perform various tasks. And social media marketers are already leveraging AI to cut expenses and boost income across multiple activities.

FREMONT, CA: AI in social media has clear benefits for social media sites. They can now target information and advertisements with an accuracy that was before unthinkable. As a result, revenue increases as users spend more time on their platforms and click on more advertising. Additionally, AI aids social media firms in resolving challenging content moderation issues that would otherwise be intractable—a development that benefits both platforms and consumers. AI is also beneficial for ardent users. Not to mention that users are also consumers and consumers gain when they are presented with appropriate adverts for things they wish to purchase. For social media marketers, AI enables them to achieve significant efficiencies in their job building social marketing. Additionally, it allows them to attain much-improved performance, owing to AI's capacity to target consumers and forecast consequences precisely.

AI powers the world's most popular social networking networks. Immediately grasping how leading platforms employ AI makes it easy to realize why AI is critical in social media.

Facebook employs AI to do tasks ranging from language translation to image classification. Indeed, AI is at the heart of how Facebook operates. Based on users’ previous involvement, the company's AI algorithms estimate which material they will engage with the most. The platform then offers them that content. Facebook uses AI to propose ad wording and target advertising to the most likely audiences to click and act on the ads. Today, the corporation relies on AI for content moderation, automatically filtering out objectionable or hazardous images, video, and text.

As with Facebook, Instagram utilizes AI to target adverts and show users relevant content based on their previous interactions. Additionally, it relies on AI to filter out spam, as the platform frequently encounters spam bots publishing comments and material.

YouTube is increasingly utilizing AI to combat misinformation by recognizing and flagging videos promoting conspiracy theories and fake news that have risen in recent years. YouTube also uses AI to recommend content that it believes users will enjoy watching next.

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