How Inventory Value Measurement drives the Advertising Industry?

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Players from the buying and selling sides are making strategic shifts as consumer behaviour, digital regulations and technical advertising capabilities continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Below given is an article on Inventory value measurement that can drive the ad industry in 2020 and beyond.

FREMONT, CA: Advertising operations in the media industry are continually evolving. The constant technical developments, shifts in consumer demands and opinions along with the introduction to new advertising regulations, staying in the know with advertising technology trends is essential for industry professionals to attain a competitive advantage.

As the landscape continues to fragment, advertisers always seek additional ways to reach customers and prospects with personalized one-to-one messages to ensure a lasting impact.

Digital ads are built on a foundation with open standards in which no single governing body regulates market transactions. The tech-driven ad industry matures, both the advertisers and brands. They demand more standardized ways of measuring the effectiveness of advertisements funnelled using an ad exchange. Similarly, publishers are making heavier efforts to understand the value of their advertising inventory fully. Viewability has become a major metric to help define the cost for advertisers and publishers. Top 10 Event Management Solution Companies - 2020

Viewability tracks the ad impressions that appear in-view on the screen while offering the opportunity to be seen by consumers. For the publishers, selling inventory on a viewability basis provides them to provide higher-quality inventory at a competitive price. With regards to the demand side, advertisers push cross-screen and cross-platform measurement standards to inform the ad serving the decision making.

As the advertisers are always looking for the best space to display their ads, publishers fulfil these needs by selling their ad inventory using multiple channels, comprising the programmatic guaranteed, private marketplaces and direct sales. Advertisers understand that high-value inventory will offer them with higher CPMs and better CTRs and therefore will not settle for anything less than the premium. Therefore, the inventory value measurement will be at the front of activities for 2020 and beyond, making sure that the advertisers and publishers can maximize their advertising revenue at every opportunity.

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