How Google Marketing Platform Tools Can Help Increase Brand Value

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Companies are using Google Marketing Platform tools as it offers them new opportunities to reach audiences.

FREMONT, CA: As television production shut down for most of the spring and summer months, and the upfronts highly interrupted, viewers might be experiencing seasons of the show premieres with less visibility in the media plans than in the past few years. While it has been more difficult than ever before to forecast advertising budgets, planning tools tightly linked to the media buying platform can help companies evaluate the media plans on the go and optimize the ad strategy rapidly.

Companies are further enhancing the Display & Video 360 forecasting tool by providing features for programmatic deals. In the next few months, it will become possible to involve deals in the deduplicated reach estimate, which already contains open auction and YouTube. It is enormously beneficial for media managers working with brands that want to interact with TV audiences since most related TV ads are secured through deals.

New streaming opportunities to reach the audiences 

Brands that can connect with the viewers as their interests and requirement grow to have a massive advantage in driving long-term brand awareness. Purchasing media with a platform that offers them access to a vast and diverse collection of streaming content allows them to meet these audiences in a more versatile way.

According to Comscore, now Display & Video 360 offers access to the top 50 most-watched advertisements supported TV apps in the US. Moreover, giving the companies even more opportunities to find the audience Display & Video 360 provides the more popular YouTube inventory. For example, companies also incorporated YouTube TV into the list of YouTube content that they can reserve and control, accessible through the streaming TV lineup. They just opened access to Masthead advertising as well, a popular space in YouTube's Home feed. The YouTube masthead on TV screens is part of the beta feature.

Finally, to increase visibility, companies are exploring other creative resources for brands. For example, a new cinematic teaser format that suits the look and feel of the home screen of Android TV is currently being tested by media and entertainment marketers in the US.

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