How Email Marketing Has Become an Essential Part of Business Strategy

Martech Outlook | Monday, June 14, 2021

 Email marketing is alive and efficient. It's one of the trusted communication channels. Everyone uses it for advertising their products, advocate brands, communicate with the target market, and rake in cash.

FREMONT, CA: Email marketing has established itself as a mainstay of online marketing, with SaaS and eCommerce businesses alike utilizing it as a strategy for converting customers and gaining traction.  2020 reintroduced email to the forefront of digital marketing campaigns and elevated it to the status of a critical engagement tool. As more consumers shop online, the need to engage and connect digitally becomes even more crucial, and email marketing is an excellent way to do so. Combining personalization and automation enables a seller to develop a genuinely relevant strategy to his customers while increasing your return on investment (ROI). In addition, email marketing is particularly effective in a remote work environment because it can promote products, communicate brand values, and distribute newsletters. Here are some email marketing trends that can supercharge business strategy.

Email Marketing Personalization

Customers want to feel more than just another cog in work; they want to feel valued by the businesses they invest in. Unfortunately, one problem that can occur in email marketing is the lack of automation customization. Instead, a key trend is to leverage robotic process automation and AI to create custom emails that speak to the consumers. This means using automation and AI to send targeted emails to the audience segment by analyzing the customer's shopping habits, open rates, and preferred products or services.

Incorporate user-generated content in emails

Implementing user-generated content into an email is one of the simplest ways to get more organic traffic and convert more customers. Users are prone to trust a service or product if they can see a positive reaction from a wide range of customers.  User-generated content is free and can be presented and used in emails. For example, businesses can incorporate customer reviews, poll results, or customer pictures using their products/services in their emails with a handy CTA button to strengthen faith. They can even generate more user content via their emails.

Make it interactive

Interactive marketing dramatically increases engagement and becomes more prevalent as technology progresses. As a result, it’s not hard to incorporate interactive marketing into email campaigns. There are several simple ways to use it within the strategy, including Gifs and over-images, Clear TTAs, Design options mode (choice of dark mode or light mode), Polls, surveys, Interactive carousels showcasing products or services, and Gamification components. Interactive marketing will go a long way toward creating a positive UX entertaining and engaging the customers. It can also act as a personalization method, providing users with exclusive holiday cards.

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