How does Chatbot Technology Empower Event Organizers

By Martech Outlook | Friday, November 15, 2019

Chatbot TechnologyChatbots are taking on complex roles, including that of acting as a useful tool for organizers of events that have mass participation. 

FERMONT, CA: Chatbots are becoming more popular, bringing new ways to run business operations. Chatbots are now the latest addition to the business strategy bag as they have the ability to revamp and simplify event management for organizers. See what chatbots can do for the organizers of the event.

Modern channels of communication, such as email and comments on websites and social media, are not enough to address consumer questions for event organizers. A chatbot is a perfect tool to send and receive information about event participants to organizers. Chatbots can also deliver pre and post-event information to the audience. Chatbots may submit a push notification to share new details about the event or to obtain valuable feedback from the audience for evaluation after the event. 

From an event’s point of view, both participants and the public needs to know about the event as quickly as possible. A chatbot provides an easy way for p


articipants to access the right event information quickly. Event entrants may still have questions that are not answered by an event website itself, and they often find it convenient to query rather than research websites. The chatbot is acting as a super navigation assistant to the information seeker here. The information provided by a chatbot will always be important and up-to-date since artificial intelligence works in the background.

Although a chatbot cannot handle all requests for customer service, it can be used to handle many of the requests for routine events. One of the chatbots’ most essential advantages is its continuous availability. The expectations of the audience today are high, and it is no different for event participants to expect a quick response. Event organizers can provide 24-hour service with a chatbot even if there are no service assistants at the desk. Chatbots can also enable multiple languages, which is very useful when organizing global events that require multilingual customer support.

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