How do Marketers Complement Automated Marketing?

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, October 31, 2019

How do Marketers Complement Automated Marketing?For an automated marketing strategy to be successful, the contribution of professional marketers is crucial. A properly balanced approach has the potential to unlock new marketing avenues.    

FREMONT, CA: The inclusion of advanced technologies is changing many fundamental aspects of marketing. With automation rapidly making its way into marketing solutions, businesses have been able to expand sales opportunities. However, some firms have started believing that automation can replace marketing professionals completely, which is not true. The best of automated marketing can only be realized with concerted efforts between technology and skilled marketing personnel. There are several ways in which companies can create meaningful points of intersection between technology and human intelligence, some of which are listed below.

• Harmonized Operation

Marketing professionals can leverage their skills to get the best out of automated marketing solutions. Similarly, automated marketing tools assist marketers and help them do tasks better. It is a symbiotic relationship that ultimately benefits the business in the form of quick ROIs from marketing and better sales numbers. Synchronized operations between automated systems and human capabilities confer intelligence and intuitiveness to marketing.

• Augmenting Automated Systems

While automated systems in marketing enhance efficiency, they are prone to overlooking prospective buyers. With assistance from a human, the systems are able to get the extra bit of accuracy that is a direct result of human intuitive capabilities. Although automated systems powered with Artificial Intelligence have cognitive capabilities in place, certain nuanced decisions can only be expected from human contact.

• Backing up Automated Marketing with Personalized Support

Automated marketing makes multi-channel, targeted marketing extremely simple. However, depending entirely on the emails, brochures, or AI-backed chatbots to address customer queries is not a good idea. Marketing professionals who can instill a sense of personalization wherever needed are essential.

Marketing is taking on a new vigor, but the element of human touch still remains one of the core requirements. Investing in marketing professionals can help companies recover the best from automated marketing systems.


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