How Digital Signage can Impact Customer Experience?

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, December 19, 2019

Digital signage offers massive potential to the brands to boost their brand image and improve customer experience.    

FREMONT, CA: Modern customers prefer to be digitally connected to their favorite brands. On the other hand, marketers are striving hard to improve customer engagement. While the adoption of the latest technology can significantly boost internal processing, it can also entice the customers into transacting with the brand. Customers are always driven towards technology, and brands can significantly benefit from the implementation of the same at the customers’ end. Digital signage is one such technology that is particularly transforming the customers’ experience.

 Digital signage offers an interactive medium for the brands to interact with their customers. Further, the technology can also foster personalization among the customers. One way brands are offering personalized experiences is by developing an improved content management system (CMS) that can offer various types of content like highly interactive content combined with various data sources. Brands are also integrating their CMS with two-way communication capability enabling the customers to interact with the brands in case of a query directly. 

 Various end-users are trying to integrate social media feeds that can enable them to interact with the customers directly. Further, modern digital signage is not limited to digital screens. Today’s brick and mortar stores are also creating digital signage out of mobile and tablet devices in an attempt to enhance visitors’ experience. Apart from being elegant, digital signage platforms need to fulfill functional requirements as well. The primary purpose of digital signage is to help customers navigate certain areas of the store. When the store becomes easy to navigate, customers will be able to make clear purchase decisions.

 While the incorporation of digital signage is aimed at boosting customer experience, positioning of the system is also crucial. For instance, screens that are placed to entice customers to the store need to be bold and display bright and compelling colors. Such a setup can attract attention even from a street beyond, thereby significantly boosting prospects of gaining visitors. 

Digital signage is enhancing the customer experience throughout the marketing sector. Brands have realized the business prospects of switching on to the digital mode of advertisement. Not only will digital signage boost customer experience, but it can also lead to the customers to organically promote the brand.

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