How Digital Marketing Can Help in Brand Management

By Martech Outlook | Monday, March 18, 2019

 Digital MarketingThe digital transformation has brought the entire world closer today. Anybody can have access to a piece of information with a plethora of social media networks, news channels, and other sources. While the shared pool of knowledge has helped in connecting people across boundaries, it can be a bane at the event of a corporate crisis.

Enterprises spend a massive amount of time and resources in building favorable reviews for their brand through positive articles and social media profiles. All of the brand management can be washed off and replaced with harmful contents by a single step in the wrong direction. It is highly imperative for companies to deal with negative articles and publicity to avoid further loss of reputation during a crisis.

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Unfavorable contents appear on the top of a brand’s social media results page if they are not dealt in the right manner. It can have many catastrophic repercussions such as; customer retention will be affected, resulting in a drop in sales. Brand collaboration and other business partnership will be in jeopardy. Negative publicity can also turn off existing and potential lenders, which can affect the funding. Additionally, the stock prices of the company may fall drastically, resulting in wiping off shareholder’s value.

The search engines consider various signals for determining the most appropriate web pages for a search query. The relevance of the topic is one of the signals, which is determined through repetition. The relevance aspect can cause problems for companies at the time of a crisis. Digital marketing campaigns can come to the rescue of brands with a positive connection through deployment of paid articles and press releases. Organizations can rely on search engine optimization (SEO) to rebuild their search landscapes.

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Enterprises should set up their social media posts appropriately to send the right signals to the search engines.  Businesses should ensure that positive reviews and their digital marketing campaigns should rank higher on the SERPs. Editorials with the company’s name in the title can also bear fruitful results for a company’s brand management. 

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