How Conversational Marketing Goes Beyond Chatbots

By Martech Outlook | Friday, February 14, 2020

Companies are now using chatbots for better CX, along with keeping the human touch alive.

FREMONT, CA: Business2Community's data revealed that 79 percent of customers tend to use messaging apps to get customer service. It is a known fact that modern customers want to have live conversations through social media platforms or other communication tools. An article published in CMSWire talks about how conversational marketing can go beyond chatbots. With the existence of conversational marketing, brands can deliver more crafted-by-human experiences with the help of intelligent AI applications. However, AI has the potential to make brands more human and mesh with customers at a more personal level. With chatbots and other means of conversational AI, marketers can engage in one-to-one conversations at scale, 24/7/365.

Even though chatbots are of great help to humans, to deploy a conversational marketing strategy, employing the human touch is more important. Customers still believe an actual living person over machines. Keeping conversations human-like while using chatbots is not an option but a mandate. Customers feel relieved when they talk to real people and not bots or auto-responders.

Conversations play a vital role in the modern world. No one encourages being sold to, and it's high time that companies around the globe understand this and work to recover lost ground. The tradition of conversing or meeting with the possible buyers or people who have shown interest in a specific service facilitates conversational marketing to let consumers understand the business more. This can be accomplished via face-to-face meeting, phone call, an email, or short messages. Initiating a conversation with people helps marketers understand them more and vice versa. This is a key element to build any rational relationship today.

With the accelerated growth of technology and the continually changing consumer behavior, marketers need to keep pace with the world. Conversational marketing, too, has adapted to the transformation, and it is paying off big time.

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